Flowing Efficiency

Yesterday, I watched Episode on Problem Solving. I was impressed with the similarity between these ideas and the scientific method and writing research articles. Two things learned: 1) Minimizing the time to obtain supplies. 2) How much detail do I need to do this?

1) Illustrative idea: Said man gets all the items he needs for the set prior to starting any type of work. At one point, he even had a box with all the tools he needed, with each item having a designated place. His work flow suddenly became streamlined because all of this basic tools became tools– there was no stumbling, finding things, figuring out how things worked. He worked on making the master picture, rather than fidgeting with lower level items. There’s a more succinct way of putting all of words: Whenever working on the project, he worked with flow and got the task done in a short amount of time. He got to focus on the big picture and worked with flow. I’m not getting through. But I know I’m onto something. I.e. If education in K-12 classrooms could focus on learning rather than the disciplinary, motivation, and safety issues, then there would be flow. If my room was clean, I would spend less time looking for things, and more time working towards a big project. I’m off to clean my room and get rid of stuff. Or at least, that will be what I’m doing this weekend. This idea makes me more willing to discard and donate.


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