Diligent Focus

The Summary: Diligently focus on a few things. Life will be awesome.

The Application (for the next 5 days): In bed @ 12, wake up @ 6:30 AM and read over notes.

The Explication: My whole life is a mess, largely because I can’t discern  what’s important so I try to do a bit of everything. When things get a little hard, I switch to another project and I do that until this new task seems hard again, switch to a new task. The cycle repeats itself. Certain days, I’ll be pessimistic that I suck at everything because lo and behold, I haven’t been doing anything for an extended period and I am suddenly surprised I can’t do anything well.

I learned a few things from a particular person– he-who-say-not-named (aka Voldemort): I can’t do these things all at once, but I can do something, that um, say might permeate into the rest of life? (hint, diligence, self-confidence, and persistence): For now, the thing is diligence.

1) Sleeps regular hours

2) Works a 9-5 fixed schedule

3) is on time to things

4) noticeably tired and irritable when does not receive regular hours

5) has confidence, lots of it

6) highly values time, can usually predict amount of time for task completion

7) diligent

8) Does not procrastinate

9) Goes above and beyond what is expected

10) Does not like his boss


About ivtravels

I like questions, dreaming, doing things, and trying new experiences. Ask me.
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