Hooray and More.

Summary/Next Step: Pursue Excellence (big goal), worry less + burst start + finish slowly (smaller goal). Insert Yoga into Saturday schedule.

Explication: Hooray. Unintended accomplishment done.

As creepy as this may sound, I no longer stalk Facebook (meaning check what others are up to). Instead, I’ve decide to 1) actually be social OR 2) watch TV. I’m learning either way and much more than I would than I could as a cybercreep. (Side note: Big Bang Theory is Hilarious. I am still laughing at “I don’t like glycolether…”)

In other news, I’ve noticed that I need to calm down. Whatever I’m doing, I have to do anyway, and I might as well do it as a calm, clear-headed, and collected person. It looks more professional to others and this behavior also leaves me to have (hooray) more energy at the end of the day. Translation: I’m happy, and people don’t feel tense around me.

Also, I’ve procrastinating again. But this time, I’ve attempted to create the illusion that I’m better by worrying earlier. Combination with the calming down part + actually starting earlier, I think I’ll lose 5 lbs by Christmas, think clearly, and be pleasant around other people.

Awesomeness, here I come.


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I like questions, dreaming, doing things, and trying new experiences. Ask me.
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