Summary: Be curious. Take risks. Fall. Get up quickly. Listen carefully. Persistence. Ask.

My blog explores self-discovery and improvement with each entry covering similar topics. Thus, I’m replacing the titles of entries with date. Instead, I’ll keep a concise summary at the top of each entry for future reference. These are my initial intentions, but if these goal metamorphose into something else in the future, I’m ok with it.

Months ago, I wrote an entry detailing how house guests benefit serve as a tool for self-growth and examination. Recently, I also had house guests. Lessons learned: 1. micro-management/2.what does smart mean?/3. spoiled/4.self-sufficiency/5.learning/6.learning to ask for things/7.confidence/8.role of environment in life

Micro-management/self-sufficiency: I don’t manage my life well, according to someone. Thus, that persons tries to manage it for me. I get frustrated as does the other party. Problem: When I want to do something, I don’t do it with my initiative. I overly rely on others for things, do not act independently. Vocally, however, I talk as if I want to act independently, but I don’t act independently. Solution: Think, act, and behave independently. Listen more, talk less, do more.

The Definition of Smart. Smart is infinite curiosity, diligence, and persistence. Upward trends. See problem/solution for micromanagement/self-sufficiency.

Learning to Ask for things: This is a new category and I’m not sure how to address this one. I’m still learning about this one. One thing I’ve noticed is: people admire diligence, independence, and critical thinking. The best I can do here is to observe how others have asked for things, be more willing to ask for things. More to come. Also, with guidance, if you admire the person, think about what they said, then do it. Or come up with a logical and critical explanation why you aren’t doing it. Otherwise, people won’t give you more things.

Getting Used to things: Scientific evidence (?) suggests that we all get used to things. So, it makes sense to grow constantly since you’ll get used to it eventually. More of a reason to take risks.

Automate. Problem: Too much emotional and mental energy from indecision. Time to automate.  Solution: Flow diagrams are awesome.


About ivtravels

I like questions, dreaming, doing things, and trying new experiences. Ask me.
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