What a crazy night. Some friends and I decided to have a girls night out. At work, my boss mentioned something pertinent, “To live the good life, you have to work hard.” In short, work hard, play hard. I knew I was going to play hard that weekend, so I was like, “whatevs, I’m incubating this antibody for an over the weekend cycle”. I had to stay an extra 2 hours to get things done, but I wanted to act upon his statement. It’ll make success taste so much sweeter.  After work, grabbed some Panera Bread. At which point, I realized, food prices have gone up. It was  a good culinary experience (note self: making salad creations for the lunch now/Panini with anything**).

Checked in to hotel. Waited for friends to stop by. Drank. Dress up. Makeup. Ready to rock.  Taxied to first stop– Vision. Got off. Paid for cover? Under premises was ladies night out– supposed to be free (only with text message). Crowd + music — not really suitable for us. Stayed for a little; walked out to go to next stop– S. Got in free, because 2 ladies behind us were VIPs had VIP access. Walked in. Went downstairs. Scantily clad women– what? Do ppl really dress like this at clubs (later found out they were hired dancers, oh ok). Got a what’s up? while walking around. Started dancing with friends. A guy came up and kept trying to dance with me. Interesting: would have been nice to chat a lil more. Anyways, L tried to tell him, I was her gf– he didn’t seem to bug off. Danced a little more. Went upstairs.

Danced some more. A guy asked to dance with W. They danced for a while. She walked off with him to the bar. After she didn’t come back quickly, we went to go find her. E complained about foot pains, so we leaned against the banister. Two guys sitting in a lounge chair pointed at us and asked us to come over. We did. I sat down. K stood up to sit at the other end, while T sat next to me and started to do some hand waving. And shrugging his shoulders, and moving left and right. I asked him where he was from. Detroit. Why did he move here? Asked that I wouldn’t laugh at his reason. Sure. Moved here because he’d be closer to family. Didn’t like the city. He asked me where I was from. Chicago. Did I like it? Sure. It’s a nice place. Said something like. You laugh a lot don’t you? Yeah, I do. What’s funny? This I guess (meaning this whole night so far. Also my internal thought of how attractive women are when they smile). Ok, I guess I’ll laugh at whatever you laugh at.Continue to do the sit down lean against each other dance. Didn’t speak much. Tried to kiss me/Asked me to kiss him. Which I avoided, let him kiss me on the cheek. Returned the favor.  Put his hand on my leg, at which I gently grabbed hold of it and shifted his hand to him. Silence for a while. He got up to glow sticks trick– it looked awesome. Pretty impressed. When he sat back down, asked him to show me how to do it. He said ‘maybe’. Smart people are smart in many aspects. I think he figured I wasn’t that into him. Or something like, I wasn’t into him for he was inherently; he had to impress me in order for me to be impressed. He accidentally held my purse and dropped it in a puddle of champagne. Something occurred which made the small table drop the bottle– spilling drink all over my shoes. I was annoyed. He didn’t care at this point. He just seemed (?) (didn’t care about the state of the whatever was happening. If I’m narcissistic, then I’d say that he was sad that I was cold and didn’t reciprocate after he confessed how much I liked him. He acted apathetic to suppress his disappointment of being rejected.) I just didn’t think it would be right to make out with random people I didn’t know. Especially when we barely conversed. But I mean, like what if he had some STD in his mouth? I just didn’t think I could handle something like that. On the other end, L was getting along just fine with K.

Get up to go downstairs to dance. At this point, E had already chatted nicely with T. R found me, saying “I was looking for you everywhere”. We danced for a while, together. Although, I think held me a little tighter than I probably felt comfortable, and I could tell other people around us were a little disgusted with how tight he held me/my uncomfortable expression on my face. Allowed him to kiss me on my cheek. He asked that I kiss him. Nope. Didn’t allow that. Asked him what he did. Felt that he slightly got uncomfortable and said, I work at some investment place. Me? Research. Said he wanted to see more of me sometime. Whipped out Iphone to enter contact. Name. Yes, Me. Last name. H (the initial only). He waited for more, but I said, nope, I ain’t going to let you google me ;p.  And then my phone number. That’s fine. Kept trying to pull me to the side of the room away from my friends, but I kept resisting. Lights on, bouncers asked us to leave to head upstairs. Went upstairs as group of friends.

Grabbed coats. Hung around a while. K chatting with L. E chats with T. W with S. Me? Alone. Maybe I should have been nicer before. I fake smile now. I am so easy to read, so I need to make myself a little more complicated. Head outside. Discuss what to do next. K says, like Thai food? We’ll make Thai food, referring also to T to go to their apt. Ok. We all get into a cab– 4(girls) + 5(guys: K+T, S+J+?) to get to their apt.

32nd over looking Mill. Pk. What.an.amazing.view. How does this man afford such a place? Walk around and look at place. They do not cook Thai food. E and T go to another room to chat. W and S on couch chatting. L and K chatting in kitchen. I start talking with J and ?. Learn about Kashmir, meditation and other things. Omg. Intellectual conversation are what I live for. ? keeps talking about how he’s hoping to get this job offer in Chicago. Grueling interview. J, ?, and I decide we are hungry. K and T are not cooking us Thai food.

? and I decide to go find out own food. Run around in cold. 7-11. State St. Dearborn. Atwood café attached to the hotel. Warm up by heater. Feel like hobos. Chat about what a project manager does–in short, they manage a project. I.e. need to build a car. P.M. manages deadline when certain things need to get started to meet the deadline. Run around a little more. Stop at DD. Argue with cashier when we’re charged for water. Get Am told I walk fast and am tenacious. (Probably one of best compliments ever. The other is the “What reference did you use for this technique? Let me copy it down so I can keep it in a my Rolodex of articles for use in the future. I am such a geek.) I am dumb and do not hear my phone when L and W call. Running around Chicago at 4 AM in a dress and my Marc Fisher flats– priceless. Probably won’t be repeated ever again, but I hope so :).

5:30 AM~ Return to apt. Decide to go to breakfast. Leave apt. Take cab to L.M’s (near Union station). Good convo. S finally starts talking to me. Guesses that I am white. hahahaah. Seriously? then mixed. Not offended, but I’m amused. L keeps complaining how K just wanted to stick it in. Guys are manipulative. Etc.  Cab back to Inn.

Briefly chat about what these kids do. (The 2 apts owners). They can’t be older than 25. Engineering + management. other? Unclear. Pass out.

Wake up 11 AM. Change, pack, and leave. Michigan Ave. Pictures. Sephora. Decide not to get the eyeliner. Sigh.

Conclusions: You actions can influence what you think and what you believe in. Expose myself to as much as I can. I believe in ideas, but I sometimes shun people. But people is where ideas come from. Thus, I should be more open to people. I need to be more firm about my money spending, but also not to appear as a stingy person.

Shouldn’t be as ‘aggressive to learn’. It might come off as crazy or sth. But be tenacious with other things.

E: tenacious, persistent. Continues to work hard against all odds/chances. Dynamic of T and me, and then how E and T turned out. W: happy, easy-going. Accepting of people. L: confused? beautiful–things come easier to her, therefore won’t work as hard as E for particular things.

Money, things, etc. that come easy for people will shape their character and behavior. I.e., K, comes from a family of $, attractive, has a good job, probably pretty smart (if he says who he says he is). As L put it, Why us? He could probably get any blond, anorexic chick who is after $ and a lifestyle like his.

People care about other people’s behavior more so than their appearance when discussing later on. I.e. Will say, K was a slumbag, but T was decent (and therefore likely overlook transgressions committed by T, but put greater blame on K).

This night perfectly describes how being in a place a the right time, importance of the butterfly effect can all alter destiny. I should probably say yes more often.

A mentions sth along the lines of work is work and wanting a lifestyle that can take care of oneself before diving into do social justice work. From this summary, I’m going to put a slight on ivnest. types. only because it’s somewhat ‘easy money’ (not really). Because your actions, your privileges will often change one’s character, I conclude from these past two evenings that I want to find a job where I have to work hard for my money, do ethical things, and not necessarily love my job because one’s job will never always be exciting so that I can be someone who I’d look up to. Sure, I love money, and I do want a good lifestyle. But I want to live a lifestyle that matches up to the hard work that I put in. otherwise, I’d too easily give in to the dark side. At the end of the day, my PI was right. The life style you have– work hard, play hard. The amount of hard work you put in will be similar to the amount you can play hard with. I’m done complaining for a while now.


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