4-28-11: Epiphany

Summary: If not now, when? Focus, Sleep (7 hours), Eat Healthily (avoid sugar), and exercise. Drink water eat fruits.

I can’t believe how lazy I physically am. I just googled “things to do before you hit 30” and wanted to come up with my own list, came to this site, and discovered, I actually have a short bucket list already in place. (see Fall 2010). I have many dreams but I don’t think about each individual one enough to spur me in that direction.  Well, if this past month has been anything of a lesson, it’s this cliche, “Whatever you think you can or can’t, you’re right” (Henry Ford).  I have an idea, I’m getting up when the sun gets up to do a QT, listen to a TED talk thoroughly, and then doing something awesome for my day. I realized I want to be one of those granola kids, who canoes along the rivers, whitewaters someewhere in the rainforests of South America, and backpacks through Europe, becomes fluent in French, Chinese, and Spanish, is confident in what I do, and can make myself laugh.

Yesterday, as my father described 4 cylinder internal combustion engines, I reflected upon something– how most of my upbringing (and still to this day), I pine for what others have and then get psychojealous when they get it.  I’m not naming names here, but I realize that there’s been a strange dynamic between one of my childhood friends and the childhood friend’s parents. There’s always been this competition between us. I don’t like it. Yes, it might motivate me in the short run, but it makes me feel strangely uncomfortable in the long run. Ok, whatevs. But something that no one has every taken away from me are my dreams. I’m going to make them happen. In other words, I’m going to rock on the MCAT (so I’ve decided), and then in the following year, I’m going to spend part of my time in France as an aupair or something, so that I can increase my fluency or as an English teacher.  Either that, or I’m dropping French entirely and I’m going to learn Spanish and go to South America (esp. since the medical care system isn’t quite as developed so then that means more learning opportunities…e.g. I get to work in a health clinic headed by a American.) Ok, I guess I’m going a little crazy, but I realize that, ‘hey, I have dreams and I know I want to act upon them. I am also going to be awesome, and that means awesome to myself, not ‘hi guys, i’m awesome’ which I’ve sadly been doing for too long.  I think opportunities exist if I look for them.  But in order for me to be awesome, there’s a few guidelines I should follow– that involves proper sleep schedules (I’m think 11 PM – 6 PM, that’s 7 hours, right?), proper eating (EVOO, and avoid overeating and limit sugar consumption– do you dare do the 40 days, of no desserts again, because it was hard initially, but once it became a habit, it wasn’t too bad, or alternatively, don’t eat sweets unless it’s a special occassion), and exercise. There’s no way I could go hiking consistently in my current physical state, and sharp laser focus (because this allows me to finish the things i need to finish and gives me time to pursue dreams. how’s that for time management/ wow, now you don’t want to surf the web all day/go on facebook?). I want to live long, and I think from current research that means decreased sugar consumption (can we say ELIMINATION?) and decreased eating in general, and the exercising. be Hyper! this is the prime of your life. IF NOT NOW, WHEN??

Oh yea, and I think I have a headache from eating the dark chocolate frango, the Greek yogurt ice cream bar from today. And feel sick from eating the bag of Lindt truffles and cake from yesterday. So we’re not doing this sugar thing anymore.

Sugar rules: fruits daily, only things you make/bake,  and specialty cupcakes (yes, that means, special cupcakes, not your average-joe cupcake). Let’s see how long this will last and how much our skin and brain will be because of it.

Focus rules: don’t check email until after dinner or after 7 PM. Before then, just do paper things.


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I like questions, dreaming, doing things, and trying new experiences. Ask me.
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