09-11-11 Re: A Letter

Dear You,

It’s been so long. No!! We’re still friends! Please? You must not be angry with me anymore.

I’m grateful for the help you’ve given me. Gracias gracias.

I’m hurt that you would accuse me in that way. I mean, I tried to imply that I have a stable gf who’s visiting France now. I mean, wasn’t that implied? Also, by any chance, do you know anyone in the state capital? Or maybe in the visa office? I’d really appreciate it. Also, you mentioned your brother is in a nearby city? Could you give me his contact info? I’d LOVE to go to grad school there.

Thanks so much and we should so SKype soon.

Muchos gracias,

Your friend 🙂


About ivtravels

I like questions, dreaming, doing things, and trying new experiences. Ask me.
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