Intrinsic Motivation, Yelling!!

Today I met up with friends and was touched/moved by how hard they are all working. I understand my parents are upset with me. I’m upset with me. However, their continued yelling– is taking away some of my responsibility. Does this make sense? It’s the contrapositive/converse of the study on intrinsic motivation.

1. Students enjoyed playing a game.

2. Then the teacher gave them coins for playing the game.

3. After a while, the kids didn’t enjoy playing the game as much anymore.

1a. Likewise, I’m realizing how bad a situation I’m in. 

2a. Then they started yelling at me: “Irresponsible! Bad! Move out!”

3a. I guess I’m not as bad as I think; they have some of the burden too.

This is bad. My situation is bad. Today I discussed with my friend– she predicted that she’ll only live until 50 so she better make the most of it. What a great way to think. I bet I’ll live to 45 at my rate. Time to speed things up and enjoy life more.

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