Norwegian Wood

Norwegian Wood (1987) : paraphrased from book, “it’s a matter of attitude. If you recognize that it’s the same everywhere (same types of jerks, etc.), it’ll be ok.” “There’s more to life than just X– her life broke when she was 20, when she realized that piano– what she was reared on and what she was praised and recognized for– was something she couldn’t do anymore. however, she became happier after realizing that she was able to see more to life than just that. Nagasawa on complaining, paraphrased, “everyone complains about things all the time that they’re working hard but not getting enough. however, they don’t really know what they’re complaining about because they aren’t really working hard. working hard is continuing to work hard after the season of hard work is over (becoming fluent in Spanish independently after the term was over and everyone was partying). Nagasawa on reading different authors– if your read what everyone else reads, you think like everyone else. if you good unique things, you’ll think differently. Reiko on Toru’s habit of sleeping with girls– you’re 20s are your formative years. what you choose influences the way you’re 30s and 40s are (choose poorly and you’ll regret many of your decisions). ?? in general, Toru reading  a lot of Western author when his conetmporaries? read mostly the Japanese canon (therefore, he stood out because of the collection of stories in his own mind).


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