South of the Border, West of the Sun

South of the Border, West of the Sun (1992) : It’s like we’re living in a desert. You just have to get used to it…Our world’s exactly the same. Rain falls and the flowers bloom. No rain, they wither up. Bugs are eaten by lizards; lizards are eaten by bird. But in the end, every one of them dies. They die and dry up. One generation dies, and the next one takes over. Taht’s how it goes. Lots of different ways to live. And lots of different ways to die. But in the end that doesn’t make a difference. All that remains is a desert./Ready trashy novels makes me feel I’m wasting time. It wasn’t always this way. I used to have lots of time, so even though I knew they were junk, I still felt something good would come from reading them. Now it’s different. Must be getting old. (102)/No effort. No result. (102)./All I call it is talent…There’s a line only certain people can cross. So once you find someone with talent, you’d best take good care of them and never let them go. Not to mention pay them well. (103)/I imagine things, pretending I’m a customer. If I were a bachelor in my twenties, what kind of place would I take a girl to? How much would I spend? Where would I live and how late would I stay out? All sorts of scenarios.The more scenarios I come up with, the more focused my image of the bar becomes. (103-104)./But here it’s different. You have to use your imagination to survive. (104). /My twenties–the best year of all. (105)/ Because everyone’s seeking the same thing: an imaginary place, their own castle in the air, and their very own special corner of it. (105)./ I don’t know…maybe thinking about ways to spend money is best, after all…When you’re always scheming about ways to make money, it’s like a part of you is lost. (106)/Everything disappears someday…but certain feelings stay with us forever. (106)./telling his wife, Yukiko to pull out the money they put into buying stock manipulation bonds. My father worked in an investment firm for forty years. Worked hard from morning to night. But all he left behind was a crummy little house…You said you can come up with eight million yen…Most people ride to work every day, smashed together in packed trains, put in overtime, knock themselves out, and still couldn’t come near making that much in a year. I lived that kind of life for eight years….But you probably can’t picture that kind of life. (108). /No one will weave dreams for me–it is my turn to weave dreams for others.That’s what I have to do. Such dreams may have no power, but if my life is to have any meaning at all, that is what I have to. (212).


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