Writing is therapeutic. I’m kind of stressed, kind of tired, kind of confused. I show my anger in a passive aggressive way. I have an exam (my final of finals in 2 weeks). However, some of my students asked to meet twice next week in preparation for finals– which I can’t so I agreed with a disagreeable face. That’s stupid, because it’s better to agree with a pleasant face. It makes people feel bad but they also win at the end. A loss-win situation. Kind of like my interaction with a certain person (cough, P, cough). However, that’s a nonissue now. I’ve grown from that experience. I want more inspiring and happy people around me. I want to be happier. I’m going to be happier by forming happier habits: e.g. a grateful journal will make me more grateful of the people around me. I will eat less junk food and exercise by biking at least 5 minutes before dinner. I’ll turn off my computer at least 1 hour before bed and draw if I get anxiety. I’m going to be more proactive with friends and reach out more readily. I’m excited. It’s 2012. Time to rock it. Also, I’m going to decrease clutter and throw out a few things each week. Hooray!!


About ivtravels

I like questions, dreaming, doing things, and trying new experiences. Ask me.
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