Note to Self (on Happiness)

A friend once told me, “Writing is therapeutic. It is!” As I was about to chronologue some of my unhappiness, two things happened. First, I prayed. I prayed for other people and then I prayed to be more happy. Then, I went to check my status. 6 comments. Whoa. New record. Didn’t even know someone was reading this except me. Anywho, four are spam. “Allergies medicine.” “Sinus infections…” etc. LOL. Omgosh. God is great. Why let me explain: 1) I was about to go on a simple carb gorge because I was upset and 2) I was upset. Also, I had images/reminded of colleague at hospital who is just –hilarious. Calls other serious colleague, “So boss…etc.” and “Peach fuzz”. Omgosh. And then my mom comes in we have a nice talk about why I am being really unclear about my life priorities. E.g. being overly concerned with emotional things when I should be getting a job or something. So in otherwords, the conclusion is: 1) If you are unhappy, pray. God is magical. Seriously. Let me tell you!! I read a Facebook status update from a friend who is a Christian and just got a med school interview. And she found a job. And she was like, “Why should I be worried? God is great and he takes care of everything.” Indeed. God is awesome. I think I should talk with him more often. Gosh that is probably the greatest reminder ever. Speaking of which, I’m going to church this week. I’m going to email Jessica right now. Even though, I’m scared. Because I’m kind of antisocial. It’s true. But anywho, I think I’ll pray about it….


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I like questions, dreaming, doing things, and trying new experiences. Ask me.
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