I’m excited that I have this month to learn/read/do the things I haven’t had time to do. Remember specificity trumps generality.

Comedy: Read, read, read! Read the comedies of Shakespeare, and the background, and maybe read the Greek comedies. Minimum– read the comedies from Shakespeare. Reason: I plan on being happier this year and finding cheer in things. What better way than to look at comedy (albeit an academic approach?)

Clean: Clean closet. This is probably the one time in my life when I do a massive purge, donate to places.

Eating & Savoring it: Going to do a side by side comparison of hot chocolates and teas in our home. That way, my taste buds distinguish between good and great. Therefore, hopefully precluding any binge fests because of unhappiness in the future.

Cooking: Learn to cook basic meals (have a handful of 10 meals on the back of my hand) via Harold McGee’s cookbook and the best recipes

Style and Personal Grooming: I’m going to groom myself appropriately and make myself presentable whenever I leave the house.

chem/bio/phys: review so I can speak about these subjects appropriately everywhere.

Taxes: Complete taxes on my own. Completely. Only ask for help at the end.

Side note: Finally discovered the name of the cheese I’ve been craving but didn’t know it’s name: pecorino romano So yummy. According to some sources, it’s an unpopular cheese. Good for me. More cheese for me.



About ivtravels

I like questions, dreaming, doing things, and trying new experiences. Ask me.
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