Peeved about SomeBODY…

I invited a friend over for a sleepover. Sure, she’s upset because 1) she called me and I was cleaning and couldn’t call back until 20 minutes after she called me. 2) She didn’t want to join until post dinner because she had already eaten lunch and was full. 3) I cancelled on her about 5 minutes before leaving saying we were no longer interested in going out. Sure, I get it, you’re upset. But. I called you a couple of times over the span of 1 hr and you 1) didn’t have your cell phone on, after about 5 phone calls you had your phone off therefore, I could only resort to calling you. (so you can’t be upset with me for that matter) 2) You’ve gchated with me when I called you before (so you can’t be upset with me for this reason because you’ve done it before as well, I just didn’t get upset with you because I’m don’t care about those type of things, at least not much). 3) Sure you’re probably correct about calling 5 minutes to change plans. However, in case you didn’t notice, we didn’t really have plans to start off. We had been playing it by ear since the beginning which you didn’t like either. Therefore, it was probably meant to be that you didn’t come and play with us, because you’d probably not enjoyed it since it lacked structure. Where it lacked structure, there was spontaneity.

It’s also better to keep some people at an arm’s length. I’ve tried to help out academically/career wise (which I’d be grateful for). However, your focus and my focus don’t really intersect. Sure, I enjoy arts and crafts, but only for short bursts. If I had to sell things on etsy for even a part time job, I’d pull out my hair. Nowadays, I like extracting meaning from data, learning languages, thinking about how people think, and laughing.


About ivtravels

I like questions, dreaming, doing things, and trying new experiences. Ask me.
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