note to self (food and emotions)

I love food, but I’m more emotionally connected with it than through physical hunger. I vowed yesterday that I would give up sweets for Lent, but I gave in today (again). I said yesterday was an exception because I got my test scores. Anyways, I ate chocolate and a white chocolate cookie today. However, they weren’t delicious. Flavor isn’t merely about sweetness or bitterness, but texture. The most delicious thing I ate today was rolled oatmeal. Yes! It was ‘plain’ by most accounts, but I chewed it for longer than usual. It has so many layers and its delicious. Therefore, if I learn to savor and appreciate the nuances of superficially bland food, I’ll be healthier and happier. Back to giving up sweets (for good this time).

A larger philosophical note– sometimes what’s considered the hype or what’s the hottest thing on the market isn’t always the best.  For example, they always advertise chocolate or cream cheese or ‘richness’ or large mansions. Yes, they’re superficially nice, but at the end of the day, the things you stay with are not the superficial things. The things that are considered your favorites, your best (insert friend, food, etc.). The things that matter most supercede the superficial. How’s that for some food for thought during Lent (when you’re so called giving up something. No, you’re not a non-dessert eater, you’re a oatmeal aficionado.) Context does matter– if it’s seen as deprivation it won’t work in the long run.


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