OMG…I’m kind of upset with my score. It’s a mediocre score really. Not good enough for something, not bad enough for me to abandon the idea entirely. I am seriously upset. I want to destroy part of me and part of the world. Yeah, I’m feeling that right now. I hate it. So I just gorged on 5 pieces of Ghiradelli’s 60% dark chocolate and a handful of dark chocolate pomegrante pieces. I don’t even have an appetite. I’m just upset. I’ve cried a little already. My brother was quite something… he made me really happy by saying, “that’s a great score” genuinely which made me happier.

Ok, side track. So I’m reading PT’s blog and just read about divorce and how you shouldn’t do it. Connect that with LP idea of not running away but finding the monster (because otherwise, the monster will find you first), and I’ve found a resolution. I have to learn how to fix this Bio GPA problem and this standardized test score problem. I have to learn how to deal and handle failure and not run away to study “psychology” or “political science” because I got good grades in those courses. I have to learn how to handle things and fix them, because the alternative is running away to look at something novel and deceptively simple. But, sooner or later, I’ll encounter a hurdle and have to jump or walk around it.


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I like questions, dreaming, doing things, and trying new experiences. Ask me.
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