note to self (getting older)

I saw a few pictures of someone who was really popular in high school. Something didn’t look right. Hmm.. they look…square. I really agree with one thing if it’s anything and that’s that Chinese people are superior. hahahaha. well, kind of because they age well. I mean yes, the non-Asian girls were the popular ones in high school. They were the pretty ones in middle schools, but that’s because the Asians are developmentally don’t age as quickly. Some non-Asian people really got fat. I’m really not a hater. It’s more of a passive aggressive thing against people who weren’t that friendly to me in middle school or high school. I guess that’s over with. I guess I’m afraid of getting fat, because getting fat means I’m getting old. Except my grandmother. She is amazing skinny. She is skinny because she limits her portions because she gives it to other people. Score for generosity.


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I like questions, dreaming, doing things, and trying new experiences. Ask me.
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