note to self (stupid people, reading the fine print)

Hi Y’all. I have to write about 2 stupid people who I stupidly spent 2 much time with in 2011. The first one is male. The second is female. It is stupid to spend time with people just because they make you feel good about yourself. You become stupid by being near them. Do not suddenly open up to people who are nice just because they are nice. Remember, that you can’t suddenly be nice to people and expect to be respected. Also, I think I’ve been stupid on the account of my passive aggressiveness which these two stupid people have identified for me.  The only benefit from hanging out with these two people is I have identified a critical error– lack of assertiveness. I’m starting to become more assertiveness, now.

Also, I’m going to start being more detail oriented. I’m going to read the fine print on salary codes (for example). That way I won’t be duped, tricked. All in all, I just want everything to be fair. Therefore, I have to speak up in order for that to happen.


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I like questions, dreaming, doing things, and trying new experiences. Ask me.
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