note to self (meaningful things)

Weeks ago I prayed for God to make clear what I need to work on in my life because I’m bad at discerning what’s important. I think the sign has arrived. First, I need to be assertive and need to be reasonable around other people. I think that’s what a lot of my anger stems from and a lot of unhappiness. Second, I think God is telling me that I need to make happiness a conscious act. Third, I think God is telling me I need Him. It’s true, I don’t think I’d handle anything without Him.

Finally, another quip on teaching. Today a student of mine outwardly mentioned how privileged he is. “Why am I so lucky? I’m blessed to have this super fast metabolism. I was born in this township which is the wealthiest township in this area. Why do I get to have all this?” I know people who have fighter jets and they complain that they don’t have nice enough fighter jets. In response, I said, it’s good to recognize that you have a lot. Some people are born in honey and don’t realize it. I guess it’s the first time I realized how real he is and that wealthy people are also very real. We do tend to glorify the poor because they are content with all they have. But at the same time, we sneer at the wealthy, which isn’t fully correct either. Teaching high school students sometimes is amazing. Forming real relationships with people is amazing. Expressing your thoughts and being assertive is amazing.

Above all, GOD is AMAZING. He reveals things in ways that are so nicely packaged and yet thought-provoking and action invoking and oh-so-relevant to my life. Thank you.


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I like questions, dreaming, doing things, and trying new experiences. Ask me.
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