note to self (on pretentiousness)

A long time acquaintance– just informed me she got into a prestigious institution. I’m not surprised, but the second part that I’ve come to realize and something I’m grateful for is, the fact that I’m no longer impressed by people who have great letters and credentials behind their names. I had a convo with a friend from NU over the holidays and came to the conclusion that people who live and dwell in their credentials but aren’t nice people (people I’d like to be around)… well that’s good for the progress of society and their field. I respect them for what they do, but I don’t have to like them. The people I most admire isn’t the Hah couple, but the NU couple. She’s super smart, incredibly humble, funny, kind, generous, and happy. To my knowledge, she’s done most of the things in her life because she wanted to, not because society said it’s a good thing, or it’s a good thing to add to the resume. They’re both teachers, but in a million years, I know exactly who I’d choose to  instruct (my hypothetical) children. All in all, I pity her. I pity that she is unable to see herself as the rest of the world does.

This past year has been a great learning experience and I’m finally getting over my academic worship. Yes, they’re incredibly good at what they do, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are what I want to be.

Today I read a great obituary in the paper. He renewed my interest in being a physician. He was a scientist and a physician. He tested homemade products at home (e.g. cranberry juice as sunscreen didn’t work well but temporarily dyed his hair pink for a week.) He was remembered as “solving complex problems with simple solutions”. I wonder what I’d want on my obituary. Probably something along the lines of incredibly warm and friendly but also incredible at what she did.

Also, when I visit these families to tutor, I get incredibly excited to see the two twins because they have such an awesome family. They are all so nice to each other and it’s funny.


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