note to self (yay medicine)

Sometimes I say, “no, I’m not smart enough to be a doctor or maybe I’m in it for the money. And then boom! I get super excited about this talk with an ENT professor. And I get talking about sinus polyps, allergies, and get super excited. Goblet and mucous cells anyone? Yes yes! And then I look up the residency competiveness and freak out. What? It’s that competitive? Seriously, why can’t it be less competitive for people who really want to do it. No I’m not interested in giving people nose jobs. No I’m interested in their allergies. I think back to when I scoured the web for a digital understanding of my nose (think online interactive anatomic Javascript of the nose). Alas, it didn’t turn up. I really wanted to look at the sinuses. And then I realize why I want to do medicine. My nose, my mother’s nose, and also news. my mom went to get an allergy test today. I am so excited about allergies and noses, and taste receptors in teh nose! and also apple cider vinegar and its possibilities. medical school essays here I come. I’m going to work hard and study very hard now.


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