note to self (huzzah!)

I think happiness and other emotion is created. For example I’m thinking of two otherwise, “sad situations” that became the subject of hilarity– my father’s friend’s son wasn’t invited to Turnabout. The uncle said, “Nobody wanted him.” (translate to Chinese, think about it) so he went out to find somebody anyways. LOL. Another case, my dad when he was first job hunting 20 some years ago. His English wasn’t great, so he was afraid to pick up phone calls. Instead, he bought an answer machine and would play the message over and over with different slow-fast speech settings. In short, everything can be framed to be funny instead of dark and emo.

Also, I’m not to going look people up anymore. I think it’s stupid to waste time on the computer doing mindless things instead of 1. spending time contemplating God, 2. learning or producing something for society, or 3. spending time with friends. Gosh, you hole yourself up all the time and then wonder why you don’t have 100000 friends. Hmm… well, duh, be a little less selfish! And also, stop “oh my gosh you’re amazing people” it’s annoying and uncomfortable as much as you might think it’s flattering. JUst bE yourself. Please. Please. Also stop complaining. Great.


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I like questions, dreaming, doing things, and trying new experiences. Ask me.
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