note to self (the power of throwing things away and happiness)

Today I did something I didn’t think I’d be capable of doing 1 year ago. Throw away my high school newspapers. I like to victimize myself and carry around everything from errr…middle school onward. (I am particularly selective in choosing to keep all the negative things). But today, I met a fellow high school classmate who I didn’t know was a neighbor of mine. He was undistinguished in high school, and went to a small school. And then…(boom) he gets into all these award etc etc. And he’s particularly humble. And then of course, I do all my online research etc etc. and my newspaper hunting. 

And then I stop. Why is all this online research even necessary? He obviously was able to throw away any preconceptions of what intelligent or hard work was since he matriculated in college.

How did he do it? I really don’t know and honestly it doesn’t matter. I bet he doesn’t keep old newspapers from high school though! Moreover, I bet he didn’t adhere to ideas of what type of identity that person was by staying near toxic people. 

Although 2 things are happening to me recently that I’m very happy. 1) no longer adhrerence/god like worship of people who graduate from prestigious places (yes, they’re smart. they work hard) or publish in swanky magazines. I do admire them, but i don’t worship them. i know i did before and that has prevented me from talking with them in an equal matter. i guess two possible things could be happening (1. i’m realizing that i won’t ever achieve that level or 2) if i ever do achieve that level, there’s not “hey guys, please worship me because of my awesomeness” i think my identiy has become what school i went, and how much i can contribute to society. i agree that that is important in the workplace, but once it’s done that’s done and i want to have fun. 




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