note to self (accounting of notebooks)

I’ve started another  notebook and I’m afraid to start anymore because otherwise, I’ll lose track of them and will stop writing in most of them. This entry is an account of the current active notebooks:

1 blog (here)// as needed

2 Food diaries: Cooking & Science Explored (old AP Physics, Five Star Notebook)–keep track of kitchen, choosing food (not relevant to restaurant reviews, good dishes at restarants at this time)// daily

3 Physician Shadowing (Black and White Composition Notebook)–document experiences in the ICU and Emergency Department // weekly

4 Daily Notebook (old Biology notes, 70 paged yellow cover)–keeps track of daily activities, to do list // daily

5 Social Psychology/Human Relations (smaller, white Xonex notebook)– keeps tracks of my experiences working with my students and parental-child relations I’ve noticed, also keeps track of general dealing with other people, behavior I admire, etc. // as needed

6 Health/Self-Tracking (thin, paper notebook)– keeps track of daily weight, sleep time, amount of carbs eaten, exercise, etc. // daily

7 Spiritual Life (small, blue cover with brown flowers)–keeps track of Quiet Time and reflecting on the Word // daily (need to work on this)

8 Journal (brown recycled cover composition notebook)– currently my thoughts in general (which this blog has largely replaced) will use as a secondary notebook to reflect on works of literature, paraphrase some works that I’m reading (here’s to looking at Berger’s Ways of Seeing) // as needed, possibly daily.



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I like questions, dreaming, doing things, and trying new experiences. Ask me.
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