note to self (hallelujah!)

I think I seriously believe in God. Because He answered my prayer- about patience with loved ones. (This is something I was “omg, God help me. I have no patience. I will try my greatest mental effort to be kind and loving etc etc.) But God is mAgICal. I have major problems  and oh -man I’m going to be employed so hallelujiah that. I am in a good mood. Must log into Moodtracker. I’m confident about the future and I’m starting to realize how a negative outlook on life is not so great. Today, someone even said to someone who was just negative and always complained “Well you come here and complain” and “I think you just want some sympathy”. I think it’s important to smile and to do fun things. Time to look for tickets to NYC. maybe??


About ivtravels

I like questions, dreaming, doing things, and trying new experiences. Ask me.
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