note to self (i <3 noses and everything related)

I got excited today about my mom’s nasal polyps. I am sure she’s enthused that I got so excited. But I have a nasal problem too because I have had life long allergies (or as far back to high school as I can remember). Kleenex has been a good friend. But seriously, if this med school thing doesn’t pan out, I wouldn’t be too upset if I did some research on nasal receptors (smell receptors) and got a PhD in that. and then went to med school to become physician. And also lived on a farm or a place where it’d be legal to be a beekeeper so I could harvest my own honey. I am seriously excited. Seriously. I haven’t been this excited in a while. I think I’ll be pretty excited if I can cure my mom’s allergies without all the steroid sprays. Also, I thinking of doing a research fellowship in inflammation in the nasal area. otherwise, really excited reallly excited. Also, I will get a certificate or a small degree in culinary arts. That way, I can learn to prepare foods that are nose related. SO SOSOSOOSOSOS excited.


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