Week 1 Review

This entry documents Week 1 of Craziness (class & job).

-started a more normal life schedule (wake 6/7, sleep at 10:30/11, latest)
-started eating healthier (only gave in on Friday– cheesecake and part of cookie). otherwise, lots of fruits & vegetables.
-NPR is informative. My new fav radio station.
-neti pot
-naps during lunch
>> Being tired makes me want to eat less and sleep more (therefore smaller appetite and desire for unhealthy foods)

-tired, tired
-methods of destressing: cleaning small areas of a room, doing laundry, and looking up research articles.
>> Being tired makes me not want to do thinking-related items during the weekday and only automated tasks (sweeping the floor, doing my laundry).

Things to fix: Weekends are the only time of the week when I have the luxury to not be tired, think hard about things and make modifications and automate processes.

-make changes to decrease stress and tiredness during week (submits apps, reading and comprehension)
-minimize decision making during day (choose the answers on the weekends)
decision making during day– meal plans, clothes choices, location of cell phone, wallet
-go here

-choose the most important things, do fewer tasks but concentrate on one task at a time. (everyday)
-drinking water (everyday)
-wake up @ 6:45. Make sure I look sharp. Looking sharp will motivate me to be sharp and awake.
-neti pot (everyday, morning and evening)
-Naps during lunch 1/2 hr (everyday, noon)
-eat quicker (everyday, noon)
-using a timer on myself and bringing it with me throughout the entire day (everyday)
-regular sleep/wake cycle (adjustments this week, try to maintain the same schedule on weekends); wake 6:50, breakfast 7:00, leave 7:20
-breakfast: oatmeal, egg, and fruit
-lunch: ?
-laundry day, destress (Fridays)

-lay out clothes for 1 week (weekend)
-plan meals for 1 week (weekend)
bring more digestable and fast eating type foods
-check things to do during week do/return/pay things during weekend (e.g. return books on Sunday if they are due on Wednesday)
-*review class notes (weekend)!!
-come up with mental/written list of tasks to do that involve no thinking (e.g. cleaning)??

This Weekend (specifically):
[x] laundry
[ ] submit apps
[ ] do reading for next 1 week
[x] clean out backpack (find bags of bags, add sunscreen and lotion, pens)
[x] clean visible areas of mess in room
[ ] put donation items out,  maybe next week
[x ] return library books (due april 4– 2 Java, 2 food cooking)

edit: I need to improve my system of relaxing while still getting things done. After an exhausting week, Friday included doing obligatory tasks/chores (garbage, emailing folks, cancelling orders). Saturday included lots of sleeping (until 11) and then vegging out by listening to music, and reading stuff online. Therefore, I got little done. Now I’m panicking because tomorrow I’m going to have fun with my friends, teach, and also attend service. Where will I find the time to read the material and submit the essays for schools? Also, I need to go to bed at a normal time tomorrow. I’m going to bed. It’s nearly 2. I’m going to wake up at 7 AM — I know it’s not as much sleep, but that’s when I’ll get up on Monday. For now, good night. I’m getting anxious, a little confused, and panicking about all the things that need to get done.

edit 2: getting the little things out of the way REALLY improves the week (little things like getting the week’s clothes ready, filling the gas, returning the library books, and doing the reading). NB to self for week 2.
I also realized, this entry represents the state of order of my mind (a mess). Can I just start over? Also, sometimes, putting myself under pressure suddenly makes me know what my priorities. The problem, then, of course is actually the lack of time to properly execute the process with polish.


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