note to self (be grateful for the ppl who <3 you)

Today i went out with coworkers for happy hour. It was fun– but slightly awkward (for me) because, well i’m not super fond of talking.
i tried my best. overall, it made me a little nervous. i think i’m afraid of people/antisocial/get anxious when i have to be around people a lot.Sigh. i’d like to change. and i also get anxious because there is a coworker of mine who is intelligent, well-spoken, and also quite social. i just wanted to be smart, but i don’t think…oh man. anywho, i was super relieved when i came home and got two missed phone calls from ma friends. i’m going to do better at relationships by listening to others/not acting pretentious/intentionally trying to act smart etc. from now on.

But srsly, i ❤ my friends and shouldn't judge them, listen and respond according to other more often.


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I like questions, dreaming, doing things, and trying new experiences. Ask me.
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