note to self (love always triumphs)

I’m grateful God gives me such good answers to all my life questions. The most recent one I had was, “How can nice people succeed in a cutthroat world? The answer is “Work hard. Stay humble but confident. Fear and love God.”

This is how I know:
nice, smart successful people I know:
People at work (hat tip to M, M, A, S, P, M)– they are incredibly intelligent, hard working, and also sociable. They don’t take advantage of anyone, they don’t take short cuts, they work their share, they don’t cheat. They aren’t overly protective, but they don’t necessarily overly share. They’re kind to each other.
People at school (one i. prof in particular)– incredibly well-spoken (clear and succinct delivery of lectures), intelligent AND a good person. able to speak confidently and works hard.
don’t necessarily talk too much.

people who seem to get ahead:
someone i used to know (P): smooth talker, used me, now wants to use me again. I’m not stupid.
(J): smooth talker, used me, and probably remains this way.

Trends learned– be genuine, work hard. don’t focus on smooth talking too much.
Lesson overall. People aren’t stupid. The genuine come through only through taking risks. And also, you end up liking the nice people and being friends with them.


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I like questions, dreaming, doing things, and trying new experiences. Ask me.
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