note to self (smile if you want to be happier)

Looking at people who are really happy –> make want to smile genuinely –> happiness.
I was just upset that I’m having trouble socializing with my co-workers who are gregarious people! I am insecure that I’m not social. But then, a la DFWallace, I’m reminded of the depressed person’s story– she’s depressed an calls her friends, and then she calls her therapist, etc. etc. but reading the story a couple times makes me realize that the real reason she’s unhappy is she dwells on her unhappiness, she believe unhappiness is fundamentally part of her identity, and she’s ultimately self-centered. That’s right, she’s depressed because she’s selfish. Likewise, but hey, what about 1) I just had an hour long phone call with my friend and 2) I made 2 new friends in my immuno class, which is for the most part not even a socializing class. So, hey!


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