note to self (happiness, diversification, and opportunities)

I am grateful for God. Today was a good day. I was more natural/normal with my co-workers, and I now have 2 new friends in ma classes. This was in response to my shock/fear/etc. of “oh my gosh. I am so antisocial. I can’t make friends.” Voila.

Also, something to make you smile. The other day, the other client said to their daughter, “So and so had the opportunities you didn’t have. That is the Eastern Soviet math training— and they live in one of the most affluent neighborhoods, and have private tutors for all subjects. What? Not have opportunities?”

hello. that was a wake up call. Nobody has all the opportunities that others have. Then we’d all be some homogeneous group. Diversified does lead to better things than specialized. Nobody. sure, they might have X opportunity but they might not have Y, or may not have Z. Or they might have X, and Y, but not Z. Same thing with happiness. Happiness, or the lack of it, might sometimes be driven by envy. But then if you sit back and reflect on the things you do have and the things that do go right. Well, then things might look better.


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