A List of Life Surprises

How is life surprising? Let me count thy ways:
1. ppl are friendly @ work = expect to make more friends; actually I feel awkward there.
2. imm. class = lecture class, did not expect to speak to anybody. now am carpooling. What?
3. always thought i’d chase $$ (confused did not major in finance, j/k) and prestige. the more ppl i talk to, the ppl i actually really like spending time with. surprise. do not have lots of $. enjoy spending time with genuine ppl who are honest, smart, curious. but not necessarily loaded with pretension or $.
4. thought i’d like to be popular. hmm. my interactions with certain ppl disprove this fact greatly.
5. other ppl’s surprises: expected not to get married, did not want kids. married after graduation. met finance 1st day of college.
6. thought being beautiful= everything. still sometimes think so. however, a friend from college. she isn’t necessarily the most beautiful, but she definitely knows how to improve her life and is with someone who i greatly respect. more often than not, the more beautiful the ppl are (think closer to hollywood’s definition of beauty), the less substance they actually contain. some of my deepest convos involve ppl aren’t necessarily going to models.
7. thought being mean = getting ahead. twice this week: read the exact words. be nice to ppl because they will be nice to you too.
8. thought my weekend adventure was macarons. acc. to the weather, it’s going to be HUMID. therefore, i’m not making macarons. Also I am way too busy to attempt to attempt macarons more than 1x. (They are apparently very finicky to make). Will attempt in June (as post final celebration). Instead if I really want one, I’m going to ArgoTea to grab one.
9. Ppl decide their life and have everything done @ a certain age, but actually it’s not true. A friend of mine has 2 kids and is planning on getting PhD. What? I assumed ppl got schooling @ btwn ages 6-35ish. And then were working adults, etc. etc.
10. I wanted to me be a mom as 1′ role in my 30s. I think I still do. But from the women I’ve spoken to, a lot of them @ the age of 50ish don’t know what to do b/c their identity has been ‘mothers’ for ~20 years. Therefore, it’s good to have a job besides just being a mother. I’m pretty sure, now that I think of it (in terms of the ways that I got really upset when I teach other ppl things and they don’t acknowledge it or appreciate what I’ve done or completely forgot that I helped them, etc.), I’d be a pretty unsatisified with my life if I were only a mother.
11. It’s hard to predict the future, so be happy and work hard now. Um, so I complained like 1000x when I was in school about my biochem. studies. But, now I know how to read 1′ literature papers better and have a better conceptual understanding of how things work
12. Things science has taught me that designating a perfect way to organize things is impossible, bt constant improvement is everything. For instance, when they discovered different mutants for C. elegans. different labs gave them different names and I think they had a conference to give a uniform way of giving names. Constant improvement is everything. It is the stuff that science is (at least should be) made of.
more to come.
13. Be genuinely nice Other people know a lot more about other things than me. There are always things to learn. People who I admire/deify can disappoint me. (e.g. ppl with prestigious academic titles/resumes), People who don’t have great academic resume etc. etc. can surprise me and astonish me by the passion they have for a sport, hobby, or other). E.g. someone who is a photographer who taught me a lot about DSLR.
14. First impressions can count, but they can also be faulty. The first impressions of some of my best friends, I either don’t remember or were bad. They either scared me or irked me.
15. When stressed, breathe. Big deep belly breathes.
16. Are you angry? Yes. Then do something about it!


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I like questions, dreaming, doing things, and trying new experiences. Ask me.
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