note to self (on children)

I will not have children one day. They are amazingly overwhelming. My mother’s voice when she says “have you ___? I told you….” irks me like no other voice in the world. I do not want to be constantly treated as a child, constantly reminded of things I need to complete, and constantly reminded of so many things. I think it would be a win-win for me not to become a mother because 1) I might yell a lot at my kid (bad for me, kid doesn’t want to listen) and 2) I realize I actually do not get along with kids. This second statement has been a recent self-discovery. In short, I do NOT want kids. As another person said, “kids are the ultimate sense of narcissism.” Sure babies are cute, but I’d rather be the aunt who spoils the niece than the person who has to take care of the baby in the ‘bad times’.

Also, I think I have a low tolerance for other people. I am extremely unloving of other people, have little patience, and yeah, i would not like to become a pediatrician if I ever become a doctor one day. I’ve decided I will become a stoic professional who will be extremely proficient at her job, but relatively aloof.


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