Dear me, Read this when you are being lazy. Thanks

Dear Me,

I know you sometimes lapse into tiredness and want to sleep, nap, eat, and just avoid work in general. But, do you remember that guy, Dan Kah. and his awesome book on decision making cognitive biases in economic models, and just maybe his amazing co-worker buddy Amos? Yeah, in his eulogy, what was that memorable quote. Wait did you say you admire him? What was his modus operandi? Oh that’s right. Discipline leads to freedom.

What about that eventful visit you had from a friend. And that conversation about another college friend you knew that liked to travel, met a girl abroad, and now has decided to go abroad for grad school. Oh that’s right you want to travel too.

Oh snap, so you want to meet an french-speaking, intelligent, non-asian mind you, travel-loving, culturophile. Oh, wait, so maybe you could hit those books hard. So you could live the life you want.

Speaking with some friends, I realize how they look at me. someone to sometimes push around, sometimes a timid young woman who maybe just wants to have $, have a stable job, and a kids. Oops. They were wrong. I am dopamine-driven, which doesn’t bode well with the traditional planning gig.

A life perhaps off the beaten path, and become a well-spoken, intelligent, and confident woman. I really look forward to meeting you in the future!

<3, me


About ivtravels

I like questions, dreaming, doing things, and trying new experiences. Ask me.
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