note to self (on anger)

Being angry is a choice. second, being angry leads to different options on how to resolve that anger. I am going to become extremely productive, efficient, and awesome as a result of anger. Remember that and you’ll forget why you were angry in the first place.

Recently, anything academic related or incites me. Now, I don’t care. Honestly, a former co-worker of mine,
was amazing. she was silent and antisocial with people at work, but she was amazing. Her work was unparalleled.
And despite not speaking with her bosses, her bosses loved her work. And that’s what it is. Work isn’t about being liked isn’t about
xyasdfa, it’s about producing the work and doing it efficiently and effectively. Taht’s it. if you ever get angry again about co-workers etc etc just return to this page and reread your motivations for why you are working. You could be working with someone who you want to become (recall that person used admittedly aptly! and is someone you would like to become):

Why I am working where I am working:
1) #1 reason: classes (flexibility)
2) honestly, there is no other reason. maybe a recommendation.

So there you have it. let’s remember the motivation (underlying why I do things. And therefore, if along the way you encounter a stumbling block you can forget it and laugh at why you even thought it was a stumbling block).


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I like questions, dreaming, doing things, and trying new experiences. Ask me.
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