I’m upset with a parental figure because this parental figure, upon reflection, micromanages me.
Sure, it’s upseting that I’m not working at some prestigious place, but the thing is, my success doesn’t dictate whether or not you succeed. You said something along the lines of “If you don’t succeed, I came here for nothing.” Excuse me? Are yo living vicariously through me, because that is unacceptable. You alone define your success. If you fail, then you failed. If I failed then I failed, you did not fail. If I succeeded that doesn’t necessarily mean you succeeded.

He said “i don’t even like research”. I think that idea of research is stupid, and only crazy women go into it and leave without husbands or turn very strange idea is your idea and your cultural idea. True I have been lazy in the last couple of years and assumed that your ideas are the true ideas. Stupid. Stupid. I need to think for myself, and it is largely because of my laziness and refusal to think and take responsibility that I’ve also inherited this idea from you, your friends, and your culture. I alone am responsible for my actions. I need to be happy based on my own accomplishment, my own decisions, and my own beliefs.

I refuse to listen to accept your beliefs and ideas as dogma. I am thinking for myself from now on.

Score one for for anger –> good.

I am 2X years old. I am no longer a child! Please stop treating me like one. I seriously need to find a better position/go to grad school/and leave. I can’t stand them anymore.


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I like questions, dreaming, doing things, and trying new experiences. Ask me.
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