Week 7 (?) Review

feel stronger
develop a couple more relationships with ppl @ work.
friendships in class

selfish (still); correcting by listening and talking to other ppl more

This weekend, I need to focus, which means closing myself off from social-networking
sites and getting 75% of my studying done (the following weekend will be 2′ review).
Please remember what is @ stake (yeah, sometimes you’re jealous of you’re high school buddies who
are making bank. Whatever, well here’s so that you could be happier, more well-spoken, and more knowledgeable about things in the coming weeks. (If you get distracted, please read this message again: Remember the initial motivation (purpose) of whatever you’re doing and you won’t get distracted). Goodbye Facebook, Good bye perpetual email checking.

Est. remaining waking hours for weekend: 9 + 15 + 10 = 34 hours
Weekend to do:
[ ]yoga with ma
[ ]imm. class
[ ] study for final exam: total– 77 hours,
( ) read Lauren’s text (est. 100 pages, 7 hours)
( ) go through quizzes (est. 5 hours); S
( ) read thru lecture notes (est. 20 hours)
( ) reread textbook (est. 40 hours): 10 wks of material,
[ ] research paper (do research and construct a complete outline by Saturday)—
( ) preliminary research (3 hours); S
( ) construct outline (3 hours) S
( ) actual writing (5 hours)
–> schedule writing lab appt
[ ] ag. class
( ) print out lecture notes , just study using the online pages
( ) go over quizzes: mark up, define terms that are M.C as well S
( ) go over lecture notes; ( ) wk 9 S ( ) wk 6,7,8 ( ) ( ) wk 4, 5 M ( ) wk 1 T   ( ) wk 2 W ( ) wk 3 

Overall– create a comprehensive study guide with the key terms (as seen in the quizzes), classification of terms, understand overall research question and conclusion of each paper, look at figures (know what each line/represents) and what it tells about the study, question asked and techniques used to generate answers, particularly, go over the sections not covered in quizzes or preferentially studied by prof (e.g. aut

[ ] applications for grad school


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