note to self (feminism)

the other day, per recommendation of a student, I watched Legally Blond. What a fantastic movie. The movie was exactly what I needed now. It made me realize that it’s possible to be both fashionable, smart, kind, and pretty. Beyond all, it solidified my recognition that above all, no guy, no person, nobody can be the rock to rely on. Because, if you make that person (exception somebody BIGGER) someone to rely on, you automatically relegated yourself to a new position: play thing/slave/fill in inferior position. Respect, persistence, and kindness, win the day at the end.

I realized one of the underlying reasons why I became upset at a recent dinner party was one of the sentences when one of the other adults asked me about my position and i started detailing the chemical pathways and my friend said, “oh don’t ask her too many detailed questions she won’t know” or later when i took a photo with a camera and there was pole sticking out from the back of the individual’s head, she claimed, “oh, You’re so funny. You’re so creative.” Wow. I guess it took me 2 years to finally realize how she views me as an individual. Well, is it not unlike the way Elle’s initial boyfriend looked at Elle? Not serious enough? Not smart enough? Evidently. And look it only took 2 years for Elle to show her whole class and more importantly her future bff and boyfriend how much ability she had. Admittedly, Legally Blond may not be most accurate portrayal of grit and kindness, but it’s certainly one can hold up as an example. At the end of the end, it’s not really the friends you have, it’s the respect you gain from others and that arises only from diligence. the friends and other accoutrements follow.


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