cognitive dissonance

I left work stressed because of the an argument between my superiors. I’m surprised by how shaken a part of me was at the fact. Really though, I get it, I don’t want to upset people, but whererver there are differences, conflicts (but also new ideas) emerge. It’s a hard fact, but it’s part of the package. Negotiation is underrated.

However, for the amount of money that I’m allotted, it’s not worth it to dedicate all my mental energies to this matter. Sure, a small part of the the brain is funneling energy to this issue. But I hope with exercise, I’ll let the resident take haven in my mind. Oh limbic system, you need to get out more.

I’ve considered alternatives to facebook and other social network sites (nota bene: add to weekend adventures/daily habits to inculcate):

0) talk with a friend: human interactions are underrated

1) English language– David Sedaris: After reading some of his short works I admit I’ve fallen in like with written word. Humorous, well written, and engages my mind.

2) Chinese language; I will be reading the news and or short stories from the middle school textbook a teacher gave me. 

3) piano

4) Shakespeare: Surprisingly one of the few author’s whose quotes I’ve committed to memory. 

5) After reading, write here.

In short, whenever my limbic system likes to rabble rouse the rest of my mental and physical energies, it’s good to just crack open a book and focus. At least, this situation is apt for me. Hence, if angry commence one of the aforementioned activities with the goal of focusing. It’s an apt salve to the internal storm. 


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