note to self (i <3 me)

The title may indicate a narcissistic blog article and it might be.

However, I’ve realized that loving yourself–but more importantly, being comfortable with yourself is a prerequisite to contributing meaningful things to the world at large. Thus, minus a MUCH bigger being, I have known myself the longest and I’d better accept my flaws, not aim to be superhuman, but constantly strive to improve.

The recent car accident, as my father indicates, was a very expensive lesson about myself. It was expensive enough to financially drain me, but I’m still intact and the other party is intact. The lesson, applies to all areas of my life. It’s focus.

I’ve written about focus on this blog previously, but I think I write about it and then mentally associate writing about it as completing it or ingraining it into a habit. I like to focus on things that I’m not currently working on. For example when I was driving, I was giving into my drowsiness and focused on my drowsiness. When I am clumsy, I don’t focus on walking, but think about vague notions and then end up hurting a toe or a knee. When I think I am working hard on my studies, I’m actually only half present with my textbook as evident by the fact I don’t remember much after reading. I pretend to be studious by talking about science and complain loudly to people about the things I have to do.

The lack of focus leads to poor health, poor relationships, and poor execution of tasks. Hence, I’m starting a one-task-at a time mentality and habit.



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I like questions, dreaming, doing things, and trying new experiences. Ask me.
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