note to self

yesterday i attended a wedding. it was fun. i think i was more brave than i’ve ever been before. however, like all experiences where i’m surrounded mostly be strangers, i’ve learned i have a couple of things to improve: my conversation skills and my hobbies. i think i dabble here and there so i have sufficient hobbies that i can’t speak intelligibly about.

Second, as psychology research has taught me and i think about but lessons never really sink in unless you live through it (yeah, the power of emotions on memory)– the best couples aren’t necessarily smart + smart or funny + funny or pretty + pretty or etc. etc. Rather, it’s you bring out the best out of each other. e.g. the groom, acc. to a source is actually quite a recluse (e.g. always in one’s room) but once she’s around (the other one), he’s more lively, talks more, and gets out.

third (and this probably most important), i have to become the person i want to before i actively seek for somebody else. when i think about career decisions, i’ve noticed that for too long, i’ve defined individuals who attend prestigious universities that i forget that i attended a prestigious institution, and that the name matters, but the things you do with the name/education/etc. matters more. In short, current actions have a better predictive measure of future success than labels alone.

fourth, i need to smile more– enough to make the smile a reflex (a natural thing to do). in short, i need to stop being negative and talking about career-y things and start supplementing the others aspects of my life.


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I like questions, dreaming, doing things, and trying new experiences. Ask me.
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