The Defining Dec-20s-de

I finished the book today.  Some responses and keepers:

1) Time: Making Life deadlines (age wise) makes you procrastinate less
2) View life with the attitude: that this better add to your repertoire of things to increase your net worth, and do things with the right attitude
3) Learn to be calm: when stressed, instead of calling mom, your friend, curling up to sleep, or eating, learn how to deal with the stress. You get better the more hours you put into dealing with stress recall 10,000 hour rule? you also reprogram your memory to deal with stress in the most productive and salubrious way.
4) You’ll grow more confident by successfully doing.
5) Subjective and Objective: There’s a time for both. If it’s a decision that requires subjective decision (relating to others), try to relate it to yourself more. If it’s a decision requiring
Good overview and treatment of this age group. Relatable examples and honest advice on how to make the best of these years. Would have preferred more concrete treatment ideas how to deal with problems. However, given the variety of people and the book’s psychological nature, a tailored experience could only be found in a therapist’s couch.

Focus is overrated. Reading a book from start to finish requires intense focus. Depending on the programs, my weekend plans now involve actively reading good books (think Murakami marathon last year) in the test-prep way I learned to read last year. I also hope I can read some books twice.


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