Note to self (first aid, grad school kit)

I’m reflecting back on my undergrad years and how I started my programs. Here’s a written out version of my first aid kit:

When you first arrive at your new school, look at your syllabus to see what the general outline of the semester is. See if you can alternate big picture books (e.g. Lauren Sompr**’s book)

Keep up with your reading!! Free time? Read ahead. Talk to your advisors and professors constantly.

Want focus?
set your timer to 15 minutes. Set an end time everyday.

Pick a small corner of your room and start cleaning. Focus on cleaning that space. Do laundry/sort it.

Need Inspiration?
Confidence comes from doing things well: remember how you feel more confident after working full time, taking a part time job, and doing well in 2 upper level science classes? (yeah…)
Look no further, read some of the author’s quotes here/on this blog
Think about how you influenced a certain blog author to write about a scientist after you sent him a link!
find a new study spot
go visit the art museum (MoMA)

Sad/Lonely/Upset/Low Self Esteem:
-It’s important to learn how to pick yourself up!
-go jogging
-do 10 push-ups

Want to get ahead?
Read the summaries of what you want to read (e.g. listed at the end of the textbook).

Afraid of writing that paper?
Construct a thesis, email to professor to ask for revision. Read reviews of the article

Want to be more efficient?
Set your timer to 15 minutes.


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I like questions, dreaming, doing things, and trying new experiences. Ask me.
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