God is Real

I was having a crappy day (after being hugged by a stranger in a club and then just sad because of no reason despite living in this 1st world country) when I heard on the radio about sex trafficking and the crossing of a illegal immigrant into America. And strangely, it cured me like none other.

In the Price of Sex, the director Mimi ? mentions that men in the red light district look at women as cows, doormats, and could never imagine that they could pull something off like she did. And I’m reminded that being loved by God will forever surpass any type of affection drawn from other men.

In the illegal immigrant crossing, the narrator ends her radio show saying that given the chance, would she cross the border? (paraphrased) “No, I’d rather be poor and with my family.” In other words, the love of her family (mother and siblings) surpassed any material happiness she derived from living in the States. And so I’m reminded money is not the buyer of happiness and that I need to be appreciative of the ones I have around me and to love them.

#Someday, I’d like to give voices to the voiceless.


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I like questions, dreaming, doing things, and trying new experiences. Ask me.
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