note to self (reflection)

today i looked at the website online and found some amazing projects that alums at my school are doing. honestly, i’m quite jealous. but i look in retrospect and then– aha! it all makes sense. i’m not focused and i want to earn lots of $$ rather than have fun and enjoy life. Which is probably a greater goal.

Moreover, a recent alum who sent me a nice email about places. Initially I thought “oh my gosh! I like him too” But in retrospect and upon speaking with my coworkers and thinking about the projects that our school has done, I think instead. No. it’s not that mentality. it’s the mentality of doing things because you love it and doing them well. There isn’t any of that quasi effort and trying to brown nose professors etc. It’s the, I get x hours to study something in depth, and I’m excited and I’m not going to go all metacognition on my thinking/studying and then feel all proud because of fake working. It’s the I know what I’m talking about, and if I don’t I’m going to get there type of thing.

then, reading lastpsychiatrist, one of the responses alone responds with is, start doing, stop thinking.

this post makes no sense except to me, because what i’m trying to get at is: do things, do things well, and the pay attention, and do your best at things and don’t go for the name/prize/award/shallowness/prestige etc. etc.


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