note to self (knowing myself and assumptions)

Each year since 2010, i’ve had a happy anniversary to me. The past couple of years, they have been well-respected authors (who I admire) featuring me in some way or form. This year, I’ve accumulated some life lessons which would be difficult to top off. Therefore, thank you God for being in my life and shaping me for the better.
It’s almost been a year since last year. And what a great year it’s been!
Things I didn’t realize until now:
-people can change (drastically) for the better: one of my co-workers was once shy and now is very fluent with people (extroverted funny and the opposite of shy)
-you never know what you like: I thought if someone and I could just talk psychology all day I would love that person. However, that characteristic might be weighed down by another factor (e.g. fakeness, taking advantage etc.)/ some alumni from my school are awesome– made new friends who wrote detailed emails and are just generally awesome despite meeting them for only 5 minutes / thinking that it would be hardest thing to like someone in ministry because it’s the hardest job out there– and then falling in like/admiring someone in that field.
-being real matters more than being funny. genuinely listening to others trumps everything else. by the same token, appearance also matters (don’t be a slob, because then everything is tainted with your sloppiness).
-i would get over my low-self-esteem grade thing: however doing things (not sitting one one’s bum all day), tutoring, working, and taking classes boosted my self-confidence. people cure me. (weird but entirely true).
-talking about concentration, or working on yoga alone will not improve your concentration- you really need to just get down and sit there and work on whatever you need (like the analogy of increasing your word repertoire by studying Latin. It doesn’t really work. you really need to just read a lot)
-well-like people (or the people I like) are not the people who grace the covers of magazines: I think I had this notion back in middle school, high school, and college (even) that beautiful people get a lot. On the contrary, people who speak their opinion, are confident, care about you, and talk with you, those are the people who you like. (The non-fake ones)
-karma exist and being kind actually is great: even though you end up being hurt a lot by others who might take advantage of you, you end up knowing (and finding) the true gems– and you get super happy when you metaphorically stretch out your arms and embrace each other.


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