note to self (do things with conviction)

I was listening to my boss tell me stories as we planted seeds today. What struck me as extremely motivating was the fact that this individual is the exact opposite of me and is an admirable character.

First, this individual has a strong sense of identity. He does things because he intrinsically believes in the ideas. He speaks eloquently and is a clear communicator. He is genuine in a kind way. He does not care too much about money, but the amount that he does have he spends it on education.

I am the type who does things because it is valued by the public, by well-known people. My thoughts are recycled trendy ideas. If I continue this trend, I will never come up with my own original idea.

Today I wanted to ask: how do you concentrate so much? Do you practice yoga?

I didn’t need to ask because the answers were explicit in his stories.

No he doesn’t need yoga to focus. He has always been the type who has to finish whatever he starts. He read so many books all the time.

My birthday wish was to smile more often. This is still a birthday wish, but more of a habit. The real birthay wish is to do things that I do with conviction and do them because I believed in them and want to improve myself (not show others that I want to improve myself), not because someone else wants me to do them, because of money, prestige, status, perceived judgement from others, desire to appear intelligent, wanting to impress others, prizes, or anything related to anybody really.

I wanted to ask my friends and family what I should improve about myself. Others often see myself objectively and see my flaws more readily than I see my own. However, the nature of this request reflects an error on my part– the fact that I need others to validate myself.

Also, the most beautiful people are those who have undergone hardships and can help others without an self-congratulations


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