note to self (on persistence)

Half the time things don’t work because I gave up on myself. Notable features include:
spelling “Massachusetts” correctly on the the spelling test, talking to someone at a cafe,
and concentrating on reading for a class before a certain hour. More often than not, deciding to
give up is when the first derivative is positive but the second derivative is negative. Continuing
along this trend, you freak out because you’re thinking “second derivative is negative. Stop now!”
when actually, you were just doing fine.

Gosh darn it. You know a lot, don’t be the inhibitor of your own dreams.

Sometimes, if you’re thinking, “Why even try?” substitute or follow it up with, “why not? Who knows where it’ll get you!” Indeed chance favors the bold.


About ivtravels

I like questions, dreaming, doing things, and trying new experiences. Ask me.
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