note to self (this year)

Dear Me,

Today was ok, but I know you can do better.

First, you were about to fall asleep
at that lecture. I know. However, let’s be honest in a couple of weeks, you’ll be taking an exam which will last 2 hours of hard focus. Will you be able to do that of you can’t sit through 1 hour of passive learning? Come on, it’s hard, but I think you can do it if you force yourself– after all, one day, you’ll have to become a professional working in the capacity of being dedicated and focused for a long period of time, no?

Second, I think you’re getting distracted (again). So, let’s just refocus and remember why we’re here, ok? You haven’t paid the tuition yet, for the bill, but I think in a couple of days, when you do, you’ll be in a state of shock at how quickly that money disappears. Therefore, instead of complaining bitterly in year, let’s write down some thing you’ll have wanted to have completed by then:

1. doing well (being the best in class?)– I know it’s a long shot when you’re surrounded by all those other bright and motivated individuals. However, let’s think of some of the current students who are a year older– they know the material inside and out, they’re humble, and unique. So above all else, know the material. it’ll be hard t find another period in year life dedicated to just learning mechanisms and why things work.

2. being awesome: being this involves doing big projects beyond the scope of the classroom, finding opportunities, and the finding and developing a niche. The world ain’t gonna pay you for something if somebody else can do it better than you.

Remember how you admire certain people in life (eh hem, let’s think now. The names are long.) well do you also remember the characteristics about them that you find so darn attractive? (L,A,M,E, tehee). intelligence, paying attention to people, ability to focus, doing lots of interesting things, and being able to communicate. So let’s be that, and instead of worshiping others, find that with you can be that person that you overly admire. How shall we get there?

-Facebook break! (let’s visit maybe once a week, Saturday afternoons when you’re about fall asleep)
-finishing everything by 11:30 PM; forcing yourself to wake up by 8 AM (whether it be with the aid of coffee or w/e)


About ivtravels

I like questions, dreaming, doing things, and trying new experiences. Ask me.
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