note to self (if sad, pray!)

Note to self, please read this whenever you are sad, depressed, confused, frustrated, not motivated. The solution is prayer, Bible study, patience, and the watching what amazing things GOD can do. In short, pray!

Dear God,

Thank you for your awesomeness in rescuing me in so many ways. I don’t know what I’d do without you. Weeks ago, my head was spinning from a boy and then just a couple of days ago, I almost got myself into the same mess. BUT…you saved me. My life, my happiness, my focus, my joy, my everything seriously depends on you in so many ways. I cannot forsake you, because nothing could ever replace you, supplant you, or take your place. Everything else is just a fake imitation at best. If there is anything that I A couple of days ago, I had a nice chat with a fellow classmate who told me pretty much, that he has to read read read in order to be the best (e.g. insert paradigm of non-working genius here) which is pretty much the sign I’ve been waiting maybe all my life or something. But seriously, you just boosted my confidence sky high and sharpened my focus for the year, day. In short you want to succeed? You have to read read read and focus focus focus. That’s it. No genius anywhere.

Second, thank you for redirecting my focus to where it needs to be. Here, at school. in the books. AND AND AND…my favorite (not so closeted) favorite topics decisions under clouded judgement. You have no idea how psyched I am to read about this topic and to work hard again and again.

Thank you Thank you so much for your advice, your patience, your kindness and for loving me. Life can be a snag sometimes, but you really make life worth living. You are an amazing God who has worked amazing miracles in my life and the the lives of others. I’m not exactly sure how/why I am blessed with this much abundance. Thank you, in addition, to everything, for making me grateful for things. I mean i used to feel like, “man, i should be grateful” but now I am joyful (which is an expression of my gratitude). Please be part of my life forever and forever and for always.

Side note: I used to think “oh my, I need a boy to stabilize my life, etc. etc. Sure, it would be nice. but thank you for reminding me what’s more important. Not too long ago, I thought I wanted a boy to provide financial stability in my life. Then, I decided, forget, I’ll just be financially sound. then, I was like, I just need a boy to help me with things. Now, I’m realizing all this time, I was worrying when you were taking care of me and helping me to realize that YOU are worth more than 1000 of the smartest, wisest, wittiest, handsomest men combined.

Love God everyday every hour. Walk with Jesus and omgosh your life, dear me– will be so abundant and so plentiful you won’t know what to do with yourself. Seriously. Seriously Seriously.

also, remember that God has a lot in store for you– and sometimes you’ll get sad etc etc because you missed out on something (in which case, what are you learning from this experience) but that there are sometimes better things/people etc. etc. (For example: when a polyglot got you all dizzy and you thought that this person was the best person you ever met, but you became disappointed with this person, then you met another person who was more well spoken, got you back to studying the Bible…that’s one example. second example when you contacted someone who does research in a field you’re interested in, but it wasn’t strictly related to what you want to do, but then you just found another professor who does research in almost EXACTLY what you want to do…) yeah, i’m not saying you should always be optimistic, because you’ll likely get even more disappointed BUT I think it’s prudent to pray to God so that you can deal with ALL situations good or bad, in line with his teachings. I think you will be a happy camper then. YOu ahve now idea how excited I am. I AM !!!

Love, Peace, and Joy,


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